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Malaika Firth for The Coveteur, April 2014.
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ah yes “some” ethnic groups
not “most of the world”
not “most people who aren’t white gentiles or from north india”

True on the racism, and furthermore note that for whatever reason dairy is still regarded as necessary to a healthy life.Yet as this says, a very large portion (I’ve read like 30%?) of the world doesn’t digest it’s proteins.

Nah it’s actually closer like 30% of the world that does have the gene for lactase persistence. Worldwide only about 25-35% of the population is not lactose intolerant
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Black identity does not have to be a negotiation with awful stereotypes, a dystopian view of the race (remember those black-man-as-endangered-species stories or the constant “Why are black women single?” reports?), an abysmal sense of powerlessness, or a reckoning of hardened realities. Fatalism is not a synonym for blackness."
• Ytasha L Womack, Afrofuturism: The World of Black Sci-Fi and Fantasy Culture 
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Photo by Marcelo Cantu 2013
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Asia Dee by Brilliant Garcia. November 5, 2013 around 2 AM.
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Diego Brown | 22 | Chicago, IL
IG: @supremebeans
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I need this in 5 bundles

damnn her hair game is skrong

Hair porn.
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I love how Tumblr keeps me posted on black success, because you won’t hear it on the regular news. I’m extremely proud of all these stories i’ve been reading about black high school students getting into not one, but multiple ivy league schools. 

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